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Businesses now need to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace by implementing an infectious disease prevention program.


If not, it can impact their bottom line.




Businesses Face 3 Challenges in doing this:


Disease Protection

Although some businesses have basic infectious disease protections in place, they risk creating a perception of safety without actually keeping people safer.


Disease Prevention

Workplace Infectious diseases often come from outside the workplace, so businesses need to teach their employees (and often customers) how to prevent infectious diseases in their lives.


Behavior Change

To effectively prevent infectious diseases, teaching new behaviors is not enough. Behavioral change needs to be fully adopted and applied long-term by employees (and often customers).

If businesses could definitively solve the infectious disease prevention problem today, they’d have:

A Healthy Workplace

A healthy workplace with disease prevention mechanisms in place.

A New Found Confidence

Employee and customer confidence in their business as a healthy workplace.

A Thriving Business

A more productive and profitable company, now and into the future.


For companies that are concerned about the current and future impact infectious diseases can have on their business, we provide an online-based learning program that allows businesses to:

Create a Healthy Workplace

Create and maintain a healthy workplace for their employees and customers.

Teach Disease Prevention

Teach employees and customers how to prevent infectious diseases in their own lives.

Instill Confidence

Have employee and customer confidence in the health and safety of their workplace.

Healthy workplace Program

  • The Healthy Workplace Program is a detailed hand washing, hand sanitizing, surface sanitizing, and respiratory hygiene learning program designed to help prevent infectious disease.
  • The Healthy Workplace Program was created by internationally and nationally recognized medical professionals and infectious disease experts.
  • The Healthy Workplace Program can help to reduce infection rates, absenteeism and medical claims costs.
  • The Healthy Workplace Program utilizes technology-enhanced simulation training (like the examples below), to encourage behavior change.  In order to prevent infectious disease, it’s critical that new behaviors be adopted now and applied long term.

Pilots learn to fly via simulators

Physicians use simulated patients

Golfers play virtual golf

New drivers use simulators in drivers ed

It’s become obvious that most companies can benefit from this type of infectious disease prevention program now.

If you’re committed to making health and safety a priority for your workplace, employees, and customers, click the button below to book your consultation today.